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Triathlon/Cycling/Running Coaching Services

*Junior, U-25 and Emerging Elite discounts available. Pro/elite athletes: Contact Janda for elite athlete coaching fee structure.

Individualized Coaching

You strive for athletic excellence and are willing to consistently log the training time, make the personal sacrifices, and do whatever is deemed necessary to realize your dreams. But where to begin?

Follow the route that hundreds of athletes of all ages and ability levels have over the course of the past 2 decades and entrust your preparation to elite multisport coach Janda Ricci-Munn.

Janda's unique combination of over 30 years of hard-core, in the trenches athletic experience, when coupled with his 20+ years as a multisport coach, has provided him with a degree of coaching insight and expertise that few possess.

Over the years, Janda has produced numerous regional and national age group champions in the sports of cycling, triathlon and track & field. Along the way, his coaching techniques have enabled athletes under his tutelage to set national records, graduate the to pro/elite ranks and set innumerable personal best performances.  

If you're serious about athletic success and are searching for a coach who'll truly take the time to understand you and your specific needs, your search is over.

To learn more about his coaching philosophy, individualized training services or any of his other programs, contact Janda today.

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